Cromogenia manufactures  raw materials for textile formulators to prepare their own
textile specialties covering process like dyeing, fixing, softening, printing and coating.

Full range of specialty designed additives like dispersing and dye fixing agents ,cationic softeners ,water and oil repellents ,synthetic thickeners as well as crosslinking agents and PU dispersions are included in company's portfolio


KEMİTEKS® delivers a full range of emulsions for non-woven processing, flocking,
carpet back coating,  specialty coating,  lamination and pigment printing applications

The company supplies also a complete set of necessary chemicals for the textile printing industry. This set is divided into two groups: one which includes pigments, dyes, binders, thickeners (natural and synthetic); and the other which includes auxiliary chemicals for pretreatment and dyeing applications.

Kemiteks PIGMACOLOR pigments offer a remarkably superior fastness and simplicity in its application when compared to other products.