KEMITEKS® product portfolio for Paints and Coatings ranges from Pure Acrylics to Styrene Acrylates, Vinyl Acrylates, Acrylic Vinyl Veova Copolymers and PVA Homopolymers for indoor and outdoor applications. Kemiline® range meets the global and domestic regulations and enables you to create environment friendly products ,all types of top quality paints, primers, coatings

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Cromogenia Units offers a wide range of technology -based products and solutions through a diversified portfolio of water based resins to help you find sustainable solutions.
Our knowledge in water based polyurethane dispersions ,hybrid and acrylic resins can help you to move from solvent -based to water based systems on diverse substrates ,increasing abrasion resistance, durability at low emissions and cost effectiveness of your coating formulations.

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Gallstaff Multiresine Spa offers a wide range of solvent based resins ,highly technically oriented that cover the field of decorative paints, wood and general industry coatings as well as car refinishing and automotive