Pigment Preparation

"KEMİTEKS® offers a complete range of pigment preparations for almost all textile materials and fibers, indoor-outdoor paints, printing inks, paper, latex, wood stains, sponge and soap coloration.
PIGMACOLOR pigment dispersions  are used for textile printing, pigment dyeing and coating of all substrates used in the textile industry.
PIGMARAMA AD colors  are highly pigmented water - based dispersions stabilized by  optimIzed blend of surfactants and  are used for emulsion wall paints, artist paints, concrete, wood and soap coloration, varnish stains.
PIGMAPERSE pigment dispersions  are compatible with most of the solvent and water - based systems and are also used for sponge and soap coloration.

Applicable paint systems are : long ,urethane modified long oil and medium oil alkyd systems ,pure and styrene acrylic systems , Polyvinyl acetate and vinyl acrylic systems , Styrene modified long oil alkyd systems
PIGMARAMA PI dispersions designed exclusively for the water based flexographic and gravure inks, especially for all types of cardboard and paper.

PIGMAFLEX® RB dispersions  are aqueous flexographic printing inks for tissue, paper and paperboard.
PIGMAPERSE -S color pastes are designed especially for the coloration of polyurethane slab-stock based polyester systems.
Pigmatint ® colorants are designed to be used with the most common tinting machines for IN-PLANT TINTING.